I graduated from SMHS, my wife graduated from SMHS, our four kids and most of our friends’ children go to public school in San Marcos — to my family, SMCISD is the most important organization there is.  I ran for school board three years ago, because I wanted my kids and our neighbors kids to go to the very best school around and I thought I could help by focusing all the resources on kids and teachers and by insisting that our kids from San Marcos could be just as successful beyond high school as any kids born anywhere else.  Getting elected to lead the most important organization that there is was one of the biggest honors of my life.

In three years, we came together as a board and committed to graduating ALL kids college AND career ready.  We gave teachers and staff the biggest compensation increase in any three-year period in history.  We passed a bond to add more than $100 million worth of additional classroom space and campus improvements without increasing taxes.  We hired a superintendent, cabinet, and campus leaders who learned education by teaching in the classroom, then we supported them with every resource they requested to add rigor to the curriculum, to hire great teachers, and to improve student performance.  We capped elementary class sizes, funded full day pre-k, added GT coordinators, expanded music and art programs, and launched a dual language program. And we did all of this while operating at a surplus instead of deficit.

On that record of accomplishment, and with the support of my family and my board colleagues, I decided to run for re-election and let the voters decide if who I have been as a trustee warrants three more years leading the most important organization that there is.  Turnout in early voting was very low, so election day may very well decide this race. If you are pleased with where the district is now compared to three years ago and satisfied with who I have been as a leader, I humbly ask for your vote.  Voting today is from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  This race is the only thing on the ballot, so it shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes.  Here is a map to determine where your polling place is.  2018 SMCISD voting maps.  If you live in district 4 (green on map), go to Crockett Elem. (teacher parking lot library entrance).  If you live in 5 (dark blue), go to Travis Elem (front).  If you live in 3 (light purple), go to Dunbar.  If you live in 2 (light blue) go to Three Rivers Church in Martindale or Housing Authority on Sturgeon.  If you live in 1 (peach), go to Health Dept on Broadway.  Please vote.