After four years with a mid-size firm in San Antonio, I opened up my own law firm on the square in San Marcos.  My daily commute was taking a toll, and Marissa and I decided that the risk of me running my own business was outweighed by me being more available to help with the kids.  It has been almost four years, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.  I get to represent real people struggling with real problems, and ot help small companies often fighting for their survival.  I now have a full-time paralegal (Jodie, a Rattler of course) who helps me keep everything on the tracks and a part-time admin.  My dad had a shop on the square for two decades, and the windows in my office looks out over his old location.  I am blessed to have enough business to provide for my family and for my staff, but my schedule is flexible enough that I can make most of the kids activities and I can even squeeze in an election for school board.

I feel that being a small-business owner in San Marcos and being the attorney for many other local businesses gives me a unique perspective on what we need of our young people as the enter the workforce.  Many of my clients are some of my most vocal supporters, which I think speaks well of the job I do for them and the job they feel I will do on the board.  I also feel that being trained as a lawyer to explore topics in depth and to ask tough questions are traits that will serve me well if you elect me to serve on the board.  Everybody brings something different to serving in such a position, but I feel that what I bring to the table is the right skills for this board at a time like this.  This is one of the reasons I am asking for your vote — early voting starts Monday and election day is two weeks from Saturday.