At the beginning of the campaign, I felt lonely talking about making sure all of our kids leave school college ready or with employable skills, and I was the only one talking about reducing class sizes and putting money in the classroom.  But as the campaign has progressed, our message has resonated so much that it is now echoed by other candidates.  This is great, because we are having the real conversation about our schools which has been missing for a long time in our community.  The conversation has shifted so much that some voters say that it will be okay no matter which two candidates win.  I disagree.

As two of the seven candidates move from the campaign to the board, ideas that were embraced by the voters are going to face significant headwinds.  Every dollar that is allocated to hire more teachers and lower our student-teacher ratios has to come from somewhere, and there is going to be resistance.  Change is hard and it takes a lot more than nice talk.  It takes tough decisions, focus, and resolve.  That is why this election matters so much.  Hiring more teachers takes a complete understanding of our complex budget and the will to overcome the resistance from the vested interests who stand to lose from the teachers’ gains.  And it takes leadership to build a consensus around our vision that will withstand attacks from those who want to preserve the status quo.

I am uniquely qualified to move from ideas to action.  As an attorney, I have faced tough fights on behalf of my clients and overcome resistance.  And I have experience leading groups and building consensus on boards and in business.  We can’t take a chance that a candidate will grow into the job, because we cannot afford to be where we are now in three years. There are 7,500 kids in our district today, and if they do not get the education they deserve, our community will stagnate.  From day one, the new board has to be singularly focused on getting our schools from good to great, with words and action.  That is why I am running and why I am asking for your vote.

Election day is May 9th, but early voting has already started at the Justice Center on Stagecoach Road.  I voted yesterday and it was very easy — use the side door to the far left so you don’t have to pass through security.  If you live in Martindale or out Ranch Road 12 or out Hunter Road, anywhere that pays property taxes to the school district, you get to vote.  Please vote today.