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Go Vote Now!

Polls are open right now and until 7:00 p.m.  Please go vote!  And when you do, share your experience here to give us some encouragement for the long day.  Thanks for your support!

Polling Places

District One    New Life Christian Center, 4000 Highway 123, San Marcos

District Two (San Marcos)   San Marcos Housing Authority (CM Allen), 820 Sturgeon, San Marcos OR Martindale Baptist Church, 103 Main Street, Martindale

District Three    Dunbar Center, 801 MLK Drive, San Marcos

District Four     Crockett Elementary, 1300 Gerard, San Marcos

District Five     Travis Elementary, 1437 Post Rd., San Marcos

A Very Big Day

I am excited by how much my message of a renewed focus on our schools with smaller classes and more money in the classroom is resonating with folks in San Marcos.  Local teachers have been encouraged, and I even saw that a mailer sent out by a special interest group attributed my message to the other candidates the special interest was endorsing.  I might prefer more honesty, but it means our message is winning.

Still, winning the message does not guarantee a good election result.  I have been outspent by more than two to one and faced special interest opposition by folks who stand to lose if the district moves forward.  If you do not vote, this election could be another missed opportunity where the board has new faces but the same tired ideas.  There are 7,500 kids in our schools right now who deserve more out of their education, and they cannot afford to wait three more years for a board ready to fight for change.  Today, the Justice Center is open from until 7:00 to accommodate voters.  I will be out there after work until they close, so join me and let’s make today the biggest turnout day of early voting.  It should only take five to ten minutes, and your vote could be the first step towards changing San Marcos’ future.

A Letter from John

I am excited to run for a three-year term as an at-large trustee on the San Marcos CISD school board. The election is May 9, 2015 with early voting starting on April 27. If we have not had a chance to spend time together yet, I hope this election provides that opportunity. Until then, you can read more about my background and leadership experience in my online bio.

I am running for school board, because there are 7,500 kids in our school right now, and they cannot wait three more years for leaders focused on giving them the education that they deserve…

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